Corpse Pose, A Yoga Mystery Book Cover

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  • Publication Date: 5. December, 2005
  • Publisher: Virtual Bookworm Publishing
  • Languages: English,
  • Available In: Paperback,
  • Format: 13.97 x 21.59 cm , 268 Pages
  • ISBN: 1589398017

Corpse Pose, A Yoga Mystery

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“A triple espresso?” The young woman at the machine double-checked. She was young, with silver-colored hair, unless it was a wig. Lily had never seen her before. Germaine’s employees didn’t stay long.

“It’s not good for you, you know.”

Lily did know.

“Some guy’s been asking for you”, Germaine, a muscular black woman with long graying dreadlocks, dressed in as sports bra and bike shorts, said from behind the register. “He’s over by the window.”

Lily picked up cup, muffin and paper, and turned. The old man sat on a barstool at the small counter by the window where you could survey the street. Right where Lily always sat. As she came closer he stood up and dusted off his black, thick wool suit, which was much too warm for California. Lily had never seen him in anything else. His white hair had grown thinner, the rimless spectacles were held together with tape, but otherwise he looked the same as always. He held out his hand.

A man she barely knew. Her father.

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A classic case for the admirer of the anti-heroine …

– Aviva, 2013Citation